India is a multilingual country and travelers need to be well versed in over 1000 different languages to understand conversations in every part of the country. Hindi and English along with 14 other languages are spoken nationwide. Most people however, Converse in their local languages. India is a secular country with a vast majority of Hindus, but there are also many Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Buddhist residents. It varies geographically also. There are mountains in the north, whereas a fertile plain land flooded by rivers Ganga waits in the centre. A dry inland plateau surrounded by hot and fertile coastal region is present in the south. India is the second most populated country after China with a population in excess of 1 billion. About 70% of the population lives in rural area and work on farms. The urban population works in factories and offices. Recent advancement in farming has lead to better productivity and now India can boast to be self sufficient in footing. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh constitute the subcontinent. It is bordered by China in the north and by southeast Asian jungles in the south. The Indian Ocean lies to its south and the mountains of Afghanistan and Iraq enclose it on the west.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the eight wonders of the world. The Taj is the most beautiful monument made of white marble built by Mughals, the Muslim ruler of India. Taj Mahal was built by a muslim, emperor Shah Jahan (died 1666 C.E.) in the memory of his dear wife and queen Mumtaz Mahal at Agra India. Taj mahal (meaning crown palace) houses the grave of Queen Mumtaz Mahal at the lower chamber. The grave of Shahjahan was added to it later. The queen’s real name was Arjumand Banu. Shah Jahan’s real name was Sahab-ud-din.


Textile is one of the major industries in India is the production of textiles, carpets and clothings. The spinning, weaving and finishing of cotton and other goods, often printed with designs in use for a long time, have provided job to millions in India. Export of such product is a good business also. There are factories for such products, but people also work from their.

Karakoram Mountain

China is separated from the Indian subcontinent by a high mountain range, which are a part of the the Himalayas. On the west, the Himalayas continues as Karakoram range, which forms Pakistan’s Northern borders. Very few people take abode under these mountain ranges. Nevertheless the lives of people living 1000 miles away also are affected by the mountains. The most of the rivers which flood the Indian plains have their root in the Himalayas.


Tea plants were discovered in 1824 between Assam and Burma. The tea culture was first introduced by the British in 1836 to India and in 1867 to Sri Lanka. Today the India subcontinent is one of the largest producers of tea. The tree bushes grow well on the well drained foothills of the Himalayas. The tea leaves at the tip of the plant are picked, dried, rolled and then heated to get the leaves that be used for our tea.

Statistics of INDIA

Area :-3,287,590 sq km (1,269,383 sq miles)

Population :- 1,380,004,385 (in 2020)

Capital :- New Delhi

Languages :- Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bihari, Gujarati, English. (Total 22 language)

Religions :- Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist.

Currency :- Rupee.

Main occupations :- Agriculture, Industry.

Main Export :- Rice, iron core, cut diamonds, coal, etc.

Facts about INDIA

1- India is the world’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization.

2- India never invaded any country in her last 10000 years of history.

3- India is the world’s largestdemocracy.

4- Varanasi, also known as Banaras, was called “the ancient city” when lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C.E, and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.

5- India invented the number system. zero was invented by Aryabhatta.

6- The value of Pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century long before the European mathematicians.

Beautiful Thought

” If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment”. by Carlson Santana.

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