errorChess is commonly believed to have originated in India during the Gupta Empire evolved in second half of 15th century and is one of the world’s most popular games today, played by millions of people worldwide. The game is played on a chessboard, which is a square-checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. At the start, each player (controlling the 16 white pieces, the other controlling the 16 black pieces) has one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. The object of the games is to checkmate the opponents king, whereby the king is under immediate attack (in “check”) and there is no way to remove it from attack on the next move. Chess today is a recognised sport of the international Olympic committee. The first official World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, claimed his title in 1886 and the current World Champion is Viswanathan Anand. Theoreticians have developed extension chess strategies and tactics since the game’s inception. Aspects of art are found in chess composition. One of the goals of early computer scientists was to create a chess-playing machine. In 1997 Deep Blue became the first computer to beat World Champion in a match when it defeated Garry Kasparov.

On The Board

The King is the main chess piece. The side whose king is captured losses. This capture is called ‘checkmate’. Checkmate happens once the king is under attack, cannot move and cannot be helped by its own army of chessmen.

The Queen can move any number of squares diagonally and also in horizontal and vertical directions.

The Rook can move any number of squares in horizontal and vertical directions.

The Bishop can move any number of squares diagonally only.

The Knight can move from one corner to the other of any 2×3 rectangle of squares. It is only piece that can jump over any other chess pieces.

The Pawn can move from straight ahead only. From its starting square, the pawn can move or 2 squares straight ahead. If the pawn is not on its starting square, it can only move 1 square straight ahead. They capture only sideways 1 squares diagonally forward.

Largest Chess Board

In San Clemente, CA chess was played on the largest chess board in the world. The official measurements of the carved teak chess set reveal that the King is 47 in (119 cm) tall and is 14.5 in (36.8 cm) wide at the base. The tremendous board is over 300sq.ft.

This record game between Nikolic – Arsovic (Belgrade 1989), with 269 moves, will hardly be beaten as long as the 50 – moves rule is in effect. The game lasted for nearly 20hrs and 15 min.

Facts about Chess

In September 1976, Edward Lasker, then 90 years old, took part in the tetex chess match between New York and London. It’s believed he is the oldest person to participate in an international tournament.

The shortest chess game recorded lasted from only one move. It was played between Rogoff and Huber in 1972.

The youngest Grandmaster was Sergey Karjakin of Ukraine is only 12 years, 7 month, 0 days old when he received the title.

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