errorEarlier cricket used to thrive greatly as a gambling game. People used to place huge amounts of bets in matches and thus the game started to get recognition. Cricket was in fact a major gambling sport towards the end of the 17th century. The first evidence of cricket being played was recorded in the year 1550, by the pupils of Royal Grammar School, Guildford. In the year 1611 it is reported that two young men from Sussex were punished for playing cricket instead of going to the church. The first match is recorded to have been played at Coxheath in Kent in the year 1646. It is recorded that in the year 1679, an 11-a-side match was played with stakes as high as 50 guineas per side. The first instance of a match to be played between counties in England is recorded to be on 29th June in the year 1709. This match was played between Surrey and Kent at Dartford Brent. Cricket in its initial days were restricted to the aristocratic class of England. Cricket gradually went on to become the national game of England. The game was spread far and wide mainly due to England’s imperialism. Wherever they went, the game went with them and thus spread outside England. The first official match was held between Canada and United States was held in the year 1844. In the present times, cricket has its own following of loyal fans.

The International Cricket Council, better known as the ICC is the governing body in the world cricket. The ICC was founded on the 15th June in the year 1909. All laws relating to ODIs and Test Cricket are framed and implemented by the ICC.



Test cricket is the longest form of the sport of cricket. It is generally considered the ultimate test of playing ability in the sport. The first officially recognised test match commenced on 15 March 1877, contested by England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia won by 45 runs. England won the second ever match (also at the MCG) by four wickets, this drawing the series 1-1.[4]



In One Day International 50 overs are played by each side between two national cricket teams. The Cricket World Cup is played in this format. One Day International matches are also called Limited over cricket Internationals, because they are limited overs cricket matches between national sides, and if the weather interferes they are not always completed in one day. Important one-day matches, International and domestic, often have two days set aside, the second day being a “reserve” day to allow more chance of the game being completed if a result is not possible on the first day.



Twenty20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in the United Kingdom for professional inter-country competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. A Twenty20 game involves two teams where each has a single innings, batting for a maximum of 20 overs. Twenty20 cricket is also known as T20 cricket. A Twenty20 game is completed in about three and half hours, with each innings lasting around 75 minutes, this bringing the game closer to the timespan of other popular team sports. It was introduced to create a lively form of the game which would be attractive to spectators at the ground and viewers on television and as such it has been very successful. Today T20 has touched new heights by completely diluting the Test and ODI matches with its crisp, short and exciting format of games. List of the different types of cricket played across the world nowadays.

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