errorQuiz shows also give way to game shows that had been popular on the radio throughout the 1930s. Radio shows like “Uncle Jim’s Question Bee” and “Stop the Music” made the move to television, leading the way for other radio shows. Soon, game shows like Cash and Carry were created strictly for television. It was in this decade that Mark Goodson and Bill Todman first teamed up, laying the groundwork for their game show empire.


According to earliest records, the radio show that asked questions and gave prizes was Vox Pop, which began broadcasting in Houston on KTRH in 1932, but this was just asking questions of people on the street who would win token prizes for correct answers. The first “real” quiz show is considered to be Professor Quiz, which premiered on CBS radio in 1936 and which offered cash prizes.


A quiz show craze swept the United States in the 1950s. Television programs, such as CBS’s. Turned contestants into instant celebrities. One contestant, Charles Van Doren, reigned for fifteen weeks as champion of NBC’s. The handsome, bright college instructor created a national sensation, winning $129,000, and even landing the cover of magazine. Champion Herb Stempel-revealed that the shows were rigged. Champions, such as Van Doren, were chosen for their dashing looks and personality, and were fed the answers beforehand. Contestants were even instructed when to pause for greatest dramatic effect.

Today… Once upon a time quiz shows formed the Sunday Television staple for children. Not anymore. The Television Rating Points (TRP) war among channels and the audience demand for song, dance and reality shows have driven knowledge-based content out of the Indian Television screens.

Meaning in Modern Context

Quiz is there to tease your brain and it tests the knowledge of the Quizmaster and the participants. The famous Quiz competitions are—BBC Mastermind, Estonia’s Quiz, Aberdeen pub Quiz, Queerness quiz and various American quizzes.

The famous Quiz masters are Indro Montanelli (1909 – 2001) an Italian journalist and historian, Charles billch of famous Painter Quiz, the Fornby Quiz masters (UK), Alisa Steward, Queen of quizzery, Polly Pospisil, Quizmaster Goddess, Dave Walker and Justin W. Sanders, Quiz masters Extraordinaires and many other.

Beautiful Thought
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see” by Confucius

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